Friday, 6 June 2014

Catching Up and New address and domain coming !

Hey. I've been spending the past little while practicing my tablet drawing. I still suck at the actual drawing part, but my line art is awesome. ^^ It's not anime related, but it has been consuming a lot of my time.

I've also been catching up with anime. It's not easy trying to get through over two dozen series and catch up on the current season, but I'm determined to do it. Right now I'm finishing up on Non Non Biyori, so look for that review on my Hubpages profile soon. I like those slice-of-life comedies. Particularly the ones that aren't super-pervy.

In other exciting news, I will slowly be migrating my network to a new domain I purchased. If possible I would still like to use Blogger and Hubpages for a good chunk of it. But if it all works out I'll be using WordPress as a central hub to direct people to my work, as well as general news updates. If not, I'll figure something out here. Anyways, the domain will be (Not yet open so don't visit it. You'll get a 404 error) and hopefully will become part of a larger network of nerdy things I enjoy doing. I'm excited and you should be too.

Anyways, that's all for now. Have fun, and if you like my blog, leave a comment telling me how much you like it. If you really like it, follow me  and also visit my Hubpages to see my reviews!


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