Friday, 12 April 2013

I Needz a New Job, Plus Drawing.

So, I spent the first half of my day looking for work. I'm writing on HubPages more frequently (and you should check it out), but blogging about anime is not really much of a moneymaker. Hey, click on an ad or two while you stop by, it really helps. But the writing is fun and gives me an excuse to watch anime and read manga, which is always good.

Still, I have bills and rent to pay, and anime to buy, and my current job is not doing that, so time to look for more work. Trying for either administration for maybe a non-profit (I am a bit of an activist) or if I have to, retail.


Also, today I tried drawing again. I'm just experimenting with different characters until I settle on what I want the character in my light novel to look like. It should be good, I hope. Today, I drew her in sort of a fighting pose, wearing a yukata and pigtails. when the pic is finished, I'll see if I can scan it and upload it.


I'm also working on catching up on MyAnimeList. I have an account but I don't update it as often as I should. If you want to see some of the stuff I've watched and read, check it out.


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